MATLAB 6 for Engineers

MATLAB 6 for Engineers

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Aims to simplify use of MATLAB 6 by walking the user through the main functions, facilities and applications. The text covers some of the new features, but does cover any of the advanced features in-depth. It is specifically geared towards the needs of engineering students who are expected to use MATLAB to model and solve real engineering problems.A message to the reader Following many years of MATLAB experience and discussions with students and teachers, we have one ... a#39;If it is so easy to invert a matrix, A, by simply writing inv(A), why should the student learn a tedious manual procedure? ... roots calculated by the function roots (see Exercise 6.19), and show that the backslash operator always yields a result ... Only a user who knows some linear algebra can decide if that result is the general solution, a particular solution, anbsp;...

Title:MATLAB 6 for Engineers
Author:Adrian Biran, Moshe Breiner
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2002


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