May the Best Man Wed

May the Best Man Wed

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Savannah Sweetfield's To-Do List: 1. Finish planning perfect wedding 2. Find the groom 3. Ignore shocking attraction to best man The church was booked, the flowers arrangeda€”and the groom was AWOL! Finding her fiance was one more item on no-nonsense Savannah Sweetfield's to-do list. Entertaining the best mana€”her fiance's roguish brothera€”was not! Cash Walker radiated a heat that burned up Savannah's cool control. He was arrogant, insufferablea€”and totally irresistible. As the clock ticked down the days to her wedding, it was Cash who stayed by her side, strong and true. Against all logic and the order she held dear, Savannah found herself falling for a white knight in black-sheep's clothinga€”a man who would never betray his missing brothera€b.a€œIa#39;ll just have something sent up from room service.a€ a€œRoom ... Look where you are , and youa#39;re going to sit in your hotel room? No. ... a€œNo, we dona#39;t know if McCormicka#39;s here but if he is, Ia#39;ll bet the farm hea#39;s not in his room, ordering room service.

Title:May the Best Man Wed
Author:Darlene Scalera
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-10-15


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