Measurements And Instrumentation

Measurements And Instrumentation

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Measurement Concepts Measurement systems , Static and dynamic characteristics, Units and standards of measurements, Error analysis, Moving coil, Moving iron meters, Multimeters, True RMS meters, Bridge measurements - Maxwell, Hay Schering, Anderson and Wien bridge.Electronic MeasurementsElectronic multimeters, Cathode ray oscilloscopes, Block schematic, Applications, Special oscilloscopes , Q meters, Vector meters, RF voltage and power measurements.Signal Generators and AnalyzersFunction generators, RF signal generators , Sweep generators, Frequency synthesizer, Wave analyzer , Harmonic distortion analyzer, Spectrum analyzer.Digital InstrumentsComparison of analog and digital techniques , Digital voltmeter, Multimeters , Frequency counters , Measurement of frequency and time interval, Extension of frequency range, Measurement errors.Data Acquisition Systems and Fiber Optic MeasurementsElements of a digital data acquisition system, Interfacing of transducers, Multiplexing, Computer controlled instrumentation, IEEE 488 bus, Fiber optic measurements for power and system loss, Optical time domains reflectometer.Draw and explain the block diagram of time base used in normal CRO. 12. Explain the following modes of operation of time base generator i) Free run mode ii) Auto mode in) Single sweep mode 13. Draw the block diagram of a triggeranbsp;...

Title:Measurements And Instrumentation
Author:A.V.Bakshi U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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