Mechanical Technology for Higher Engineering Technicians

Mechanical Technology for Higher Engineering Technicians

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Mechanical Technology for Higher Engineering Technicians deals with the mechanics of machines, thermodynamics, and mechanics of fluids. This book presents discussions and examples that deal with the strength of materials, technology of machines, and techniques used by professional engineers. The book explains the strain energy of torsion, coil springs, and the effects of axial load. The author also discusses the forces that produce bending, shearing, and bending combined with direct stress, as well as beams subjected to a uniform bending moment or simply supported beams with concentrated non-central load. The author explains the equations to determine force in shear stress resulting from a tensile load or how to determine maximum shear stress. He explains Poisson's Ratio, the Mohr Circle, and the theories of Coulomb, Tresca, and Guest. He discusses fluid mechanics, combustion, heat transfer, and troboengineering. He points out that friction between two surfaces causes heat: to avoid the rise in temperature, the two surfaces can be 1) separated with the use of lubricants or bearings, or 2) use of low friction materials. He also discusses the equations used for proportional control, derivative control, and integral control. This book is intended for candidates at the HNC in Mechanical Engineering for qualification as engineering technicians.If the power input to the platform were made proportional to the error, i.e. to the difference in the directions of control and platform (or to ... by solid state electronic means, be detected, transmitted, amplified and manipulated generally, it is usual to convert the error signal into an electrical quantity. ... Throttle Carburettor Fuel Air Regulator (manual feedforward) Combined error-detector a€“ 3 |4 MECHANICALanbsp;...

Title:Mechanical Technology for Higher Engineering Technicians
Author:Peter Black
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-17


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