Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 15

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 15

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Our culture is obsessed with design. Sometimes designers can fuse utility and fantasy to make the mundane appear fresha€”a cosmetic repackaging of the same old thing. Because of this, medicinea€”grounded in the unforgiving realities of the scientific method and peer review, and of flesh, blood, and paina€”can sometimes confuse a€œdesigna€ with mere a€œprettifying.a€ Design solves real problems, however. This collection of papers underwrites the importance of design for the MMVR community, within three different environments: in vivo, in vitro and in silico. in vivo: we design machines to explore our living bodies. Imaging devices, robots, and sensors move constantly inward, operating within smaller dimensions: system, organ, cell, DNA. in vitro: Using test tubes and Petri dishes, we isolate in vivo to better manipulate and measure biological conditions and reactions. in silico: We step out of the controlled in vitro environment and into a virtual reality. The silica mini-worlds of test tubes and Petri dishes are translated into mini-worlds contained within silicon chips. The future of medicine remains within all three environments: in vivo, in vitro, and in silico. Design is what makes these pieces fit togethera€”the biological, the informational, the physical/materiala€”into something new and more useful.(Eds.) 206 IOS Press, 2007 Ac 2007 The authors. All rights ... It provides the flexibility and the accumulated power of computer cluster for this specific application. 1. ... [2] Because of the distortion between sections caused by cutting process, the manual ... The user interface of the system is a client program of a client/server architect resides on a personal computer. ... It supports frame sequential stereo on a conventional CRT PC display, and utilizes gain controller for the 3D interface.

Title:Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 15
Author:J.D. Westwood, R.S. Haluck, H.M. Hoffman
Publisher:IOS Press - 2007-01-18


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