Meeting Community Needs

Meeting Community Needs

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Librarians must know how to provide essential programs and services that make a difference for the people they serve if libraries are going to survive. It is no longer realistic for librarians to rely on the idea that a€œpeople love libraries, so they will fund thema€ in this economic climate. Librarians must be able to prove that their programs and services are making a difference if they want to compete for funding in their municipalities, schools, corporations, colleges, institutions and organizations. Meeting Community Needs: A Practical Guide for Librarians presents a process that librarians of all kinds can use to provide effective programs and services. This requires being in close touch with your community, whether it is a city, town, or village; college or university; public or private school; or corporation, hospital, or business. Understanding what information people need, how they access it, how they use it, how it benefits them, and how they share it is paramount. The process in this book covers community assessment, designing programs and services to meet needs, implementing and evaluating programs and services, and funding options. Providing library programs and services for your entire population - not just library users - is more important than ever. Librarians working in libraries of all types must provide programs and services that meet community needs if libraries are to stay relevant and survive in the long run. Librarians must be able to measure their success and demonstrate the librarya€™s worth with verifiable proof if they are going to be competitive for available funds in the future. Meeting Community Needs will make you take a serious look at how well your library programs and services are meeting your communitya€™s needs, and it will show you the way to success.Mathews, Brian. 2012. a€œToo Much Assessment Not Enough Innovation.a€ Paper presented at the Library Assessment Conference. Charlottesville, VA. http://;...

Title:Meeting Community Needs
Author:Pamela H. MacKellar
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2015-12-16


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