Memoirs of a Sleepless Mind

Memoirs of a Sleepless Mind

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Here's that qdifferentq book you've been searching for. From a perspective reminiscent of Andy Rooney and Bill Maher, it offers observations and opinions about our world. For some of the world's problems, it suggests some unique solutions, like the eight day week, the metric clock, and the Mackay Mobile. This book asks creative questions, like: have you ever tried to make a raisin? It's qjustq a dried grape. Have you ever considered a war in the 1700's ranging from Boston to South Carolina? That's a three-day drive on today's highways. How could the people fighting that war keep track of it? Memoirs ponders such things. It's good for reading while waiting in a doctor's office, or other limited time frames, as it occupies the mind without lengthy involvement. The varied subjects included are not generally connected to each other, so it need not be read in any particular order. The reader of Memoirs will find it provocative and humorous. He'll think the author insightful or crazy. He'll be fascinated or dumbfounded. Maybe he'll wonder, qIf I soak a raisin, will I get a grape?q If you've been looking for something really different, your search has ended.The French fry answer was supplied by a chef in a small restaurant who showed me the a€œsciencea€ of making food servings look bigger than they are. A Home Economics teacher in a local high school answered the vitamin D question. Thoughanbsp;...

Title:Memoirs of a Sleepless Mind
Author:J. Smith
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-06-01


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