Memoirs of a Vanilla with Sprinkles 3

Memoirs of a Vanilla with Sprinkles 3

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Volume 3 in the Memoirs of a Vanilla with Sprinkles Series This story unfolds over multiple volumes, each released aprox two weeks apart, and aprox 20, 000 words each. (Part one is over 36, 000 words) For those who do not like serials, just wait for the bundles. This series does for the sex club scene what 50 Shades of Grey did for SaM. The story continues in part 3, as they sink deeper into the swing club lifestyle. After a few missteps on both sides, they are recognized outside of the club. Caleb starts getting secret phone calls and one wild night at The Lakehouse takes sudden, dangerous turn. Will they sink or swim in these new erotic currents? And will their relationship survive? Series description: A woman's curious exploration of the swinger's lifestyle. What goes on behind closed doors? A fictional memoir about a woman who finally agrees to keep an open mind and check out the bar a few of her friends have been trying to get her to into. The catch is- it is a swinger's bar. One summer night, after one relationship fails and another looks to be heading that way, she agrees. Needing to blow off steam, and curious about what really goes on in a place her friends swear qis just like any other bar- only sexierq she nervously decides to see for herself what all the fuss is about. She doesn't want to go alone, so she recruits her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend to go with her. Even though she thinks this relationship is nearing it's end, it has been a playful, sensuous relationship from it's beginning, and there is no one else she would trust sharing this secret experience with. She soon finds herself in a surreal environment, watching and eventually partaking of aspects of what swingers call 'the lifestyle'. Not sure minute to minute if she is aroused, disgusted, or just weirdly amused by the situation she willingly got herself into, she quickly finds herself in over her head. Unsure if she wants to learn to swim in these erotic currents, she has to decide whether she wants to jump in or walk away from it all after just one swinging summer. This is part 3 in a 12 part series. All three books in the series will be released in four parts, resulting in a twelve part series. Parts 1-4 will be released as One Swinging Summer Parts 5-8 will be released as Two Player Games Parts 9-12 will be released, but is unnamed right now. For those who like serials and cliffhangers- each part will be released approximately two weeks apart, with the full book released later as well for those who do not like serials. Genre: New Adult Romance/ Contemporary Romance/ Erotic Romance new adult romance swingers, love triangle menage, cop police romance uniform, teen a young adult contemporary romance short story, new adult a college collection anthology, new adult romance short read short reads, ebooks romance, erotica seriesThis is part 3 in a 12 part series. All three books in the series will be released in four parts, resulting in a twelve part series.

Title:Memoirs of a Vanilla with Sprinkles 3
Author:Patience Hellsmith
Publisher:Alter Ego Publishing - 2014-04-30


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