Message Not Received

Message Not Received

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George Bernard Shaw once famously said, a€œThe single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.a€ Although he died in 1950, Shawa€™s words live on, especially in the business world. Far too many executives, salespeople, consultants, and even rank-and-file employees suck at communicating. Some think that theya€™re speaking and writing effectively when they drop ostensibly sophisticated terms like paradigm shift, synergy, net-net, form factor, and optics. Others think that theya€™re being clever. No doubt that you know the type. (Maybe youa€™re even one of them and dona€™t realize it.) These are the folks who regularly rely upon obscure acronyms, technobabble, jargon, and buzzwords when plain English would suffice just fine. They constantly invent new tech-laden words, bastardize others, and turn nouns into verbs. They ignore their audiences, oblivious to the context of their words. In other words, they talk without speaking. If bad business communication is a disease, then the prevalence of hackneyed and utterly meaningless terms is just one of its major symptoms. Aside from using confusing language, many corporate folks depend almost exclusively on a single communications vehicle: e-mail. In the process, they actively resist new, powerful, and truly collaborative tools specifically designed to make people work and communicate better. Whata€™s the net effect of this near-pervasive failure to effectively communicate while at work? The precise monetary figure is impossible to accurately quantify. At the same time, though, it cannot be overstated. At a minimum, communication breakdowns are directly responsible for myriad inefficiencies, duplicate efforts, ineffectual campaigns, project failures, largely avoidable gaffes, internal political squabbles, and forgone business opportunities. If that seems a bit lofty and abstract, think about how many misunderstandings could have been averted at your organization if two colleagues had simply engaged in a five-minute in-person conversation or videoconference over Skype. Ask yourself how many technical problems could have been solved with a quick phone call and a simple screen-sharing session. Fortunately, business communication need not suffer from antiquated tools and a commensurate mind-set. In Message Not Received, award-winning author Phil Simon demonstrates how intelligent professionals and organizations are embracing simpler language and new technologies to communicate in a much more straightforward and effective manner. No theoretical text, Simon takes us on a journey, stopping at progressive companies like Klick Health, Sidecar, and PR 20/20 along the way. Message Not Received examines how we communicate, use, and often misuse language and technology at work. Ita€™s high time to reexamine not only what we say while wea€™re on the clock, but how we say it.How New Technologies and Simpler Language Can Fix Your Business Communications Phil Simon. Table 8.1 ... DropTask, Todoist, GetFlow, HiTask, Outlook Task functionality TextExpander is one of my three favorite Apple programs. ... For instance, if Ia#39;m in front of my MacBook Pro, I ... *This is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number. c08 185 29 January 2015 5:07 PM Life Beyond E-Mail 185.

Title:Message Not Received
Author:Phil Simon
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-03-23


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