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Over the past two decades, the word 'metacognition' has become a regularly used part of our language and vocabulary in both psychology and education. Many research articles have been written about it, the conceptualisation of this construct has expanded, and conferences abound with investigations and empirical research into various facets of this domain. This book provides some of the most recent research by scholars from various parts of the world. It includes differing perspectives -- some empirical, some theory driven, and some application papers. The book focuses on metacognition and it's relevance to gifted and highly able students. Many of the papers focus directly and specifically on this; others are more tangential in nature.Other students who have written responses to the same passage are invited to share their responses. The teacher then asks questions to ... For instance, consider a fourth grade class that has been assigned to read Ida B ...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and ... With this group the teacher could also focus instruction on how to use context clues to ascertain the meanings of words. Anotheranbsp;...

Author:Michael F. Shaughnessy, Marcel Veenman, Cynthia Kleyn Kennedy
Publisher:Nova Publishers - 2008-01


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