Metal Hydrides

Metal Hydrides

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Metal Hydrides focuses on the theories of hydride formation as well as on experimental procedures involved in the formation of hydrides, the reactions that occur between hydrides and other media, and the physical and mechanical properties of the several classes of hydrides. The use of metal hydrides in the control of neutron energies is discussed, as are many other immediate or potential uses, e.g., in the production of high-purity hydrogen and in powder metallurgy. It is hoped that this book will serve as a valuable reference to students, research professors, and industrial researchers in metal hydrides and in allied fields. Selected chapters may serve specialists in other fields as an introduction to metal hydrides. The information contained herein will also be of lasting and practical value to the metallurgist, inorganic chemist, solid-state physicist, nuclear engineer, and others working with chemical or physical processes involving metal-hydrogen systems.... in the following diagram: H. H. H. H The heavier alkaline-earth metals calcium, strontium, and barium form M(BHA), hydrides that resemble ... Thus Mg(BHA), is thermally stable at temperatures below 280AdC. Aluminum boranate is reasonably stable at 25AdC (although not at ... Gallium boronate decomposes well below room temperature, a€ and In(BHA), decomposesa€ at temperatures of about -10AdC. Sinceanbsp;...

Title:Metal Hydrides
Author:William M. Mueller, James P. Blackledge, George G. Libowitz
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-09-12


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