Mexican Enough

Mexican Enough

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Growing up in a half-white, half-brown town and family in South Texas, Stephanie Elizondo Griest struggled with her cultural identity. Upon turning thirty, she ventured to her mother's native Mexico to do some root-searching and stumbled upon a social movement that shook the nation to its core. Mexican Enough chronicles her adventures rumbling with luchadores (professional wrestlers), marching with rebel teachers in Oaxaca, investigating the murder of a prominent gay activist, and sneaking into a prison to meet with indigenous resistance fighters. She also visits families of the undocumented workers she befriended back home. Travel mates include a Polish thief, a Border Patrol agent, and a sultry dominatrix. Part memoir, part journalistic reportage, Mexican Enough illuminates how we cast off our identity in our youth, only to strive to find it again as adults -- and the lessons to be learned along the way.... 70 King, Richard, 78, 97, 102n, 106, 113 Libertad (Zapotec girl), 213 libraries, 35a€“36 Lonely Planet, 188, 229 Lopez, ... 69a€“74, 123 activist art installations by, 67, 69, 70a€“71 municipality closes exhibits by, 72a€“74 Manual de Sexo LAcsbico, anbsp;...

Title:Mexican Enough
Author:Stephanie Elizondo Griest
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2008-08-05


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