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Student-driven and faculty-approved, MGMT is an innovative approach to teaching and learning principles of management. MGMT offers full course content in a more visually engaging experience with pull-out review cards-and digital components, such as interactive eBooks, auto-graded quizzing, flashcards, and games. MGMT was developed through ongoing market research with students on their learning preferences through focus groups, surveys, and user feedback. The resulting solution is then approved by faculty to ensure all key content and concepts meet course objectives. This innovative approach unites research with author Chuck Williams? unique storytelling approach, a visually rich, yet professional design, and an extensive focus on Canadian examples, legislation, and imagery. Choose MGMT for the unique principles of management solution that you and your students have created together. Designed to engage and reach today?s students, MGMT says it all in four letters, reflecting how this unique solution speaks in the language of today?s learner.The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that employers have an obligation to act in good faith when an employee is terminated. ... Likewise, ask applicants if there is anything they would like the company to Specific ability tests (aptitude tests) tests that measure the extent to ... have abilities in perceptual speed, verbal comprehension, numerical aptitude, general reasoning, and spatial aptitude ... These tests are examples of predictors of how well students will do in those graduate schools.

Author:Chuck Williams, Terri Champion, Ike Hall
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2011-07-01


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