Michel Foucault: A Research Companion

Michel Foucault: A Research Companion

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Michel Foucault continues to be hugely influential. His diagnoses challenge us to rethink crucial phenomena such as madness, discipline, the human sciences, the state, neoliberalism, sexuality and subject formation. Based on his work in its entirety, and with special emphasis on his many recently published lecture series, this book provides an updated, comprehensive and original account of his thought. By reading Foucault as a philosopher, it offers an extensive systematic assessment and discussion of his unique conception of philosophical practice and brings a unifying trajectory in his work to light.... 41, 119, 161a€“162, 266 n95, 430 desire to know, 24a€“28 Early Christian, 338, 354 a€“368 Grecoa€“Roman, 348a€“353 sexual, 51, 54a€“55 78, 333, ... 230, 281, 289a€“292, 371, 426a€“435, 447, 452a€“454, 455a€“465 diagram, 185, 203a€“205, 433 Diderot, Denis (1713a€“1784), 124 Diggers, ... 191, 201a€“207, 291, 425 of governmentality, 313 of law, 201, 232, 239a€“241, 245a€“249, 286, 291, 314a€“315 of power, 139, 193a€“ 197anbsp;...

Title:Michel Foucault: A Research Companion
Author:Sverre Raffnsøe, Marius Gudmand-Hoyer, Morten S Thaning
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2015-11-04


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