Microprocessors And Its Applications

Microprocessors And Its Applications

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8085 CPU 8085 Architecture, Instruction set, Addressing modes, Timing diagrams, Assembly language programming, Counters, Time Delays, Interrupts, Memory interfacing, Interfacing, I/O devices.Peripherals Interfacing Interfacing serial I/O (8251), Parallel I/O (8255), Keyboard and Display controller (8279), ADC/DAC interfacing, Inter Integrated Circuits, Interfacing (I2C Standard), Bus : RS232C-RS485-GPIB.8086 CPU Intel 8086 Internal Architecture, 8086 Addressing modes, Instruction set, 8086 Assembly language programming, Interrupts.8051 Microcontroller 8051 Microcontroller hardware, I/O pins, Ports and circuits, External memory, Counters and Timers, Serial data I/O, Interrupts, Interfacing to external memory and 8255.8051 Programming and Applications 8051 instruction set, Addressing modes, Assembly language programming, I/O port programming, Timer and counter programming, Serial communication, Interrupt programming, 8051 Interfacing: LCD, ADC, Sensors, Stepper motors, Keyboard and DAC.2.5.5 Storing Hex Code in the Memory Once the hex code is ready, it has to be loaded in the memory of specially designed microprocessor system ( Microprocessor training kit) for execution. To perform this task we should know the addressanbsp;...

Title:Microprocessors And Its Applications
Author:D.A.Godse A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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