Microprocessors and Microcontroller

Microprocessors and Microcontroller

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8086 ArchitectureFunctional Diagram, Register Organization, Addressing modes, Instructions, Functional schematic, Minimum and Maximum mode operations of 8086, 8086 control signal interfacing, Timing diagrams. Assembly Language Programming of 8086Assembly directives, Macro's, Simple programs using assembler, Implementation of FOR loop, WHILE, REPEAT and IF -THEN-ELSE features, String Manupulation, Procedures.I/O InterfaceParallel data transfer scream, Programmed I/O. Interrupt driven I/O, 8255 PPI, Various modes of Operations and interface of I/O devices to 8086, A/D, D/A converter interfacing, Stepper motor interfacing.Interfacing with Advanced Devices8086 System bus structure, memory and I/O interfacing with 8086, Interfacing through various IC peripheral chips, 8257(DMA controller), 8259(Interrupt priority control), Memory interface using RAMS, EPROMS and EEPROMS.Communication InterfaceSerial communication standards, USART interfacing RS-232, IEEE-488, 20 mA current loop, Prototyping and Trouble shooting, Software debugging tolls, MDS.MicrocontrollersOverview of 8051 microcontroller, Architecture, I/O ports and memory organization, Addressing modes and instruction set of 8051, Simple programs using stack pointer, Assembly language programming.8051 Interrupts Communication Interrupts, Timer/Counter and serial communication, Programming timer interrupts, Programming external H/W interrupts, Programming the serial communication interrupts, Interrupt priority in the 8051, Programming 8051 timers, Counters and programming.Interfacing and Industrial Applications Applications of microcontrollers, Interfacing 8051 to LED's, Push button, Relays and latch connections, Keyboard interfacing, Interfacing seven segment display, ADC and DAC interfacing.... bus cycles. When it is ready to relinquish the buses it will send the processor release pulse over the same line that it made its request. ... With the help of block diagram explain memory interfacing with 8086 and explain why two bus cycles are required to access odd address word ? 5. Draw and ... Define bus cycle, and explain the minimum mode read and write bus cycle with proper timing diagram. 13.

Title:Microprocessors and Microcontroller
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2010-01-01


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