Middle-Class Lifeboat

Middle-Class Lifeboat

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A comprehensive guide to safeguard your livelihood, income, and standard of living through the ups and downs of any economy. Most Americans, no matter what their economic circumstances, identify themselves as middle class. A recent Gallup poll showed that 63% consider themselves upper-middle or middle class. And they are feeling burned out and squeezed, under pressure to bring home more and more money just to maintain their standard of living. Middle Class Lifeboat is an answer to that pressure, a comprehensive guide to living a more stress-free lifestyle. Part I: Safeguarding Your Livelihood: profiles the 53 best jobs to have to be self- sufficient whether the economy is up or down. Part II: Safeguarding Your Income: 6 ways to extend your earnings, that don't always involve money. Part III : Safeguarding Your Standard of Living: 10 off-the-grid lifestyle choices to increase your quality of lifeTips for Getting Started Obtain training and certification. ... and software to enable wholesale migration of programs and data when you get a new computer, technicians who help install, upgrade, and repair computers remain in demand.

Title:Middle-Class Lifeboat
Author:Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2008-01-01


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