Milhouse's Dad

Milhouse's Dad

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Milhouse's Dad is a heartfelt account of a grieving father's memories of his exceptional son, of their life together and of the father's struggle to find meaning in the seemingly empty existence that followed the violent death of the son who had filled his life with joy. The happy qcoming-of-ageq stories and warm descriptions of family adventures are interspersed with soulful chapters revealing the deep feelings of grief experienced by the family, of their post-traumatic quest for some understanding of their loss and of their painful efforts toward accepting a life without the beloved young man who was so cruelly taken from them. This is a story about the heights of joy we can all experience and of the depths of despair that can lurk, unexpectedly, around ever corner.As thefamily assembled in the dining room fortheir holiday meal, the original hit recording of this boya#39;s favourite tune began to play on the radio. The family said they were all sure that noneofthem had heard itevenonce since the young mana#39;s death. That incident was enough ... It is important to knowthat out ofhis affection for his soninlaw the older man hadalways addressedDan asa€œDanny Boya€. Typically foranbsp;...

Title:Milhouse's Dad
Author:G. Roland Selby
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2008-03-20


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