Miss You, Pat

Miss You, Pat

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Captain Patrick J. Brown of the FDNY had an uncanny ability to be exactly where he was needed at exactly the right time, most especially on 9/11/2001, when he perished, surrounded by scores of burn victims he was trying to evacuate from the World Trade Center. Everyone who knew Pat agreed that he would have been nowhere else that day. And yet, Pat was much more than a firefighter. Pat was a yoga devotee. A Black Belt in karate who taught the blind. An accomplished boxer. A USMC Vietnam War vet. A Broadway musical theatre buff. And throughout it all, a spiritual seeker. Many people whose lives he touched shared their stories and memories with his close friend and former fiancee. The result is an intimate and moving book, with first-person narratives illustrating Pat's deep and varied life. Idiosyncratic, personal memories blend with career stories that illustrate what made him such an intuitive, beloved friend, and such a legend in the FDNY. He inspires us all. Proceeds go to Bent On Learning.Penny Crone: Browna#39;s comment was part of a FOX exclusive series concerning rampant discontent within fire department ... Penny Crone: One official told FOX 5 News that Patty Brown was not only a fire department hero, but a decorated war hero, and ... Journal Entry Pat had an interesting perspective on his career, especially by the time he settled into 3 Truck in 2000. One day he went 152 MissYou, Pat.

Title:Miss You, Pat
Author:Sharon Watts
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2007-10


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