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A twenty-five-year-old recent graduate of Columbia Universitya€™s MFA program, Lindsay Harrison began writing Missing as a way to cope with a terrible loss. During her sophomore year at Brown University, Lindsay received a phone call from her brother that her mother was missing. Forty days later they discover the unthinkable: Their mothera€™s body had been found in the ocean. Missing is at first a page-turning account of those first forty days, as it chronicles dealings with detectives, false sightings, wild hope, and deep despair. The balance of the story is a candid, emotional exploration of a daughtera€™s search for solace after tragedy as she tries to understand who her mother truly was, makes peace with her grief, and becomes closer to her father and brothers as her mothera€™s death forces her to learn more about her mother than she ever knew before.We learned from Verizon that her phone had been off since Thursday night at seven thirty, just after Chris had called her. He racked his brain to remember any strange particulars of the conversation, but there wasna#39;t much to report: Mom sounded tired and said shea#39;d talk to him later. If only she ... Brad called customer service and finessed his way around the companya#39;s confidentiality policy. He couldanbsp;...

Author:Lindsay Harrison
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-08-02


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