Mobile & Social Game Design

Mobile & Social Game Design

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Successfully Navigate the Evolving World of Mobile and Social Game Design and Monetization Completely updated, Mobile a Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics, Second Edition explains how to use the interconnectedness of social networks to make qstickier, q more compelling games on all types of devices. Through the booka€™s many design and marketing techniques, strategies, and examples, you will acquire a better understanding of the design and monetization mechanics of mobile and social games as well as working knowledge of industry practices and terminology. Learn How to Attracta€”and Retaina€”Gamers and Make Money The book explores how the gaming sector has changed, including the evolution of free-to-play games on mobile and tablet devices, sophisticated subscription model-based products, and games for social media websites, such as Facebook. It also demystifies the alphabet soup of industry terms that have sprouted up around mobile and social game design and monetization. A major focus of the book is on popular mechanisms for acquiring users and methods of monetizing users. The author explains how to put the right kinds of hooks in your games, gather the appropriate metrics, and evaluate that information to increase the gamea€™s overall stickiness and revenue per user. He also discusses the sale of virtual goods and the types of currency used in games, including single and dual currency models. Each chapter includes an interview with industry leaders who share their insight on designing and producing games, analyzing metrics, and much more.rising cost of, 118a€“119 virality and, 119a€“120 user acquisition cost (UAC), 60, 74a€“ 75 user attraction rates, 115 user-created ... 57a€“58, 121, 205 lifetime value of, 60 a€“61 monthly active, 58a€“59, 121, 205 paying attention to individual, 152a€“153 peak concurrent, ... Wide Web, 2 X Xbox, 75, 146 Xbox Live, 90a€“91, 95, 100a€“101, 114, 120, 167, 168, 203 Xbox Live Arcade, 163 Xbox One, 91 XCOM, 199 XED.

Title:Mobile & Social Game Design
Author:Tim Fields
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-01-22


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