Modern Groundwater Exploration

Modern Groundwater Exploration

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New exploration tools and techniques for a breakthrough paradigm of regional groundwater occurrence Fresh water is undoubtedly our most precious resource aside from the air we breathe, and the only commodity whose cost has steadily risen over time. At the same time, our understanding of the origins, pathways, and recharge mechanisms of the eartha€²s most valuable qeconomicq minerala€“groundwatera€“remains in the nineteenth century. It is ironic that this scientific anachronism is contributing to a global shortage of available fresh water supplies while oil, gas, and mineral discoveries have proliferated, vastly increasing the worlda€²s energy, precious metals, and industrial mineral reserves. Modern Groundwater Exploration details applications and results of proven twentya€“firsta€“ century technologies and geological concepts adapted from the oil, gas, and mineral exploration industries for evaluating, developing, and managing previously undiscovered, massive, sustainable groundwater resources. Unprecedented in both its scope and authority, this timely book presents: aˆ— A new groundwater paradigm, coined Megawatershed, which accurately and comprehensively describes the eartha€²s natural complex groundwater systems aˆ— Innovative exploration, drilling, and testing technologies that make major new grounda€“water sources more locatable and costa€“effective to produce than ever before aˆ— Actual case studies in which megawatershed methods have identified vast quantities of new water and brought new hope to previously arid and desperately watera€“short locales aˆ— Chapters by former OECD DAC chairman Alexander R. Love, geopolitical analyst Dr. Ewan Anderson, and former director of the Trinidad and Tobago Water Resources Agency Dr. Utam Maharaj on the tremendous global implications of the megawatera€“shed paradigm. These experts explore the many beneficial applications of megawatera€“shed development, from macroeconomics to development of small island developing state (SIDS), and from critical environmental issues to water conflict resolution and the potential for a second qgreen revolutionq The worlda€²s need for clean, dependable water is more urgenta€“and addressablea€“than ever before. Let Modern Groundwater Exploration introduce you to the authorsa€² revolutionary megawatershed paradigm, along with the latest concepts and technologies for accessing vast reservoirs of groundwatera€“still todaya€²s safest, cleanest, and most plentiful water resource.The contract required the ETI- Lennox team to reassess the hydrogeology of the island using their novel, megawatershed hydrogeological conceptual model, identify favorable locations proximal to WASAa#39;s distribution system, and testdrill andanbsp;...

Title:Modern Groundwater Exploration
Author:Robert A. Bisson, Jay H. Lehr
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2004-07-21


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