Modern VLSI Design

Modern VLSI Design

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The Number 1 VLSI Design Guidea€“Now Fully Updated for IP-Based Design and the Newest Technologies Modern VLSI Design, Fourth Edition, offers authoritative, up-to-the-minute guidance for the entire VLSI design processa€“from architecture and logic design through layout and packaging. Wayne Wolf has systematically updated his award-winning book for todaya€™s newest technologies and highest-value design techniques. Wolf introduces powerful new IP-based design techniques at all three levels: gates, subsystems, and architecture. He presents deeper coverage of logic design fundamentals, clocking and timing, and much more. No other VLSI guide presents as much up-to-date information for maximizing performance, minimizing power utilization, and achieving rapid design turnarounds. Coverage includes All-new material on IP-based design Extensive new coverage of networks-on-chips New coverage of using FPGA fabrics to improve design flexibility New material on image sensors, busses, Renta€™s Rule, pipelining, and more Updated VLSI technology parameters reflecting the latest advances Revised descriptions of HDLs and other VLSI design tools Advanced techniques for overcoming bottlenecks and reducing crosstalk Low-power design techniques for enhancing reliability and extending battery life Testing solutions for every level of abstraction, from gates to architecture Revamped end-of-chapter problems that fully reflect todaya€™s VLSI design challenges Wolf introduces a top-down, systematic design methodology that begins with high-level models, extends from circuits to architecture, and facilitates effective testing. Along the way, he brings together all the skills VLSI design professionals will need to create tomorrowa€™s state-of-the-art devices.[Hig69] D. W. Hightower, a€œA solution to linerouting problems on the continuous plane, a€ Proceedings, 6th Design Automation Workshop, SHARE Committee, 1969, pp. 1a€“24. [Hod83] David A. Hodges and Horace G. Jackson, Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits, McGrawHill, 1983. ... [IEE93] IEEE, IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual, Std 1076a€“1993, New York: IEEE, 1993.

Title:Modern VLSI Design
Author:Wayne Wolf
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2008-12-21


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