Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of H+ Transport

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of H+ Transport

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Reviewed here is the current knowledge of proton transport mechanisms in mammals. The emphasis is on gastric acid secretion and the role of the H+, K+-ATPase, but molecular and cellular information on other P-, V- and F-type H+-ATPases, in bone, kidney, plants and yeast, as well as other cation ATPases, are included for important comparisons. The role of proton/anion antiports, symports and channels in proton transport is discussed. Further attention is given to the regulation of proton transport mechanisms and cellular mechanisms to resist damage from highly acidic environments.Interestingly, many of the known determinants of ouabain affinity are located in the first extracellular region. ... P E IT IQAL WWF IGAV # a#39; a#39; LGTD IGM IVVV ETA CAF P LLW IITG a#39;a#39;, a#39;a#39; MVP AYGO QWA GLFE GFSM CFS FIHI LATW Ll YSL F6 a€“ YYanbsp;...

Title:Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of H+ Transport
Author:Barry H. Hirst
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-06-29


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