Molecular Reaction Dynamics

Molecular Reaction Dynamics

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Molecular reaction dynamics is the study of chemical and physical transformations of matter at the molecular level. The understanding of how chemical reactions occur and how to control them is fundamental to chemists and interdisciplinary areas such as materials and nanoscience, rational drug design, environmental and astrochemistry. This book provides a thorough foundation to this area. The first half is introductory, detailing experimental techniques for initiating and probing reaction dynamics and the essential insights that have been gained. The second part explores key areas including photoselective chemistry, stereochemistry, chemical reactions in real time and chemical reaction dynamics in solutions and interfaces. Typical of the new challenges are molecular machines, enzyme action and molecular control. With problem sets included, this book is suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as being supplementary to chemical kinetics, physical chemistry, biophysics and materials science courses, and as a primer for practising scientists.7.2 Kinematics in velocity space: the Newton diagram The transformation of the velocities from the laboratory fixed system of coordinates to the center-of-mass system is often represented graphically in a manner that has come to be called a anbsp;...

Title:Molecular Reaction Dynamics
Author:Raphael D. Levine
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2005-01-13


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