Money is Freedom and Safety

Money is Freedom and Safety

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Every woman's guide to financial freedom and success. A Lifelong Plan for Achieving Economic Independence WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU DIDN 'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT MONEY? . WOULD YOU STILL GO TO YOUR CURRENT JOB? . TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD? . VISIT LONG LOST RELATIVES? . STAY AT HOME AND PLAY THE PIANO? THIS EASY-TO-READ FINANCE BOOK IS FOR ANYONE WANTING HELP IN SAVING MONEY, CREATING A BUDGET AND GETTING OUT OF YOUR CURRENT MONEY HOLE AND INTO FINANCIAL FREEDOM. qThis book should be handed out with our first paycheck. It is a great guide to managing your money.q Terry Barnett - Author and Success Trainer qA good book to read to gain knowl edge on saving and budgeting one step at a time for financial freedom.q Josephine Mandela - Mother and Business Owner qAs a 64 year old Grandmother with a 10 year-old Granddaughter old enough to read this book, I realize that one is never too old...or too young, to learn about our financial opti ons! This easy to read, beautifully written book empowering women, should be a staple in every home!q Joan Benjamin - MS Pre -School Owner, Director, Teacher Golden Group Director, Sunrider InternationalTo avoid robbing Peter to pay Paul, or in your case, taking money out of your long term goals to pay for emergencies, try one of the following suggestions. The easiest way to pay for an emergency is to use a credit card. Credit cards are easy toanbsp;...

Title:Money is Freedom and Safety
Author:Josette Mandela
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2005


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