Money, Love

Money, Love

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Ever since sixteen-year-old Gabe Strickland can remember, his father, Roman, has believed in the sale: that magical moment on the customera€™s porch, the deal about to close. But with each dizzying success comes an equally memorable failure, and Gabea€™s mother, Gladys, has grown tired of waiting for a life of financial stability. So in the summer of 1975, she leaves Roman and goes to live with his dependable brother Dutch. Confident he can win Gladys back, Roman pins all his hopes on a barnstorming tour of Southern carnivals, hawking tickets for a€œDeath Cars of Celebrities.a€ Gabe finds his own truth somewhere between Romana€™s quixotic dreaming and Gladysa€™s newfound stability, and he learns that love is, ultimately, the one thing that cana€™t be bought or sold.I looked at the bends of exhaust pipe, wiring harness ... Looking at my sculpture I thought of the tumble of scrap metal that had been James Deana#39;s Porsche Spyder, now rusting in Vic Comstocka#39;s backyard, of the speech that Vic had made , theanbsp;...

Title:Money, Love
Author:Brad Barkley
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2013-05-14


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