Money Miracles for Building Wealth

Money Miracles for Building Wealth

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qqMoney Miracles for Building Wealthqq is a complete course of subject matter that schools should teach about personal finance, money management, and net worth, but don't. In this book you will find important information and solid advice on the following subjects and more: The Importance of How You Think About Money Understanding Banking Institutions How to Plan a Budget How to Live Within Your Means How to Understand Mortgages Investments De-Mystified How to Compound Your Earnings How to Plan for Retirement How to Rid Your Garden of Vermin (Avoiding Get Rich Quick Schemes and other scams that deplete your wealth) How to Succeed in Your Retirement And so much more! This book is essential reading for anyone who simply wants to develop a better understanding of their own personal spending habits, financial obligations, and investment options so that they too, can effectively plan for the future, build a healthy nest-egg, and live the good life in retirement!For example, not long ago the air conditioner in my car was no longer cooling as well as I knew it should, and I began pricing my service options. One service station that regularly serviced my car told me the cost would be $49 for servicing theanbsp;...

Title:Money Miracles for Building Wealth
Author:Carl Schoner - 2014-01


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