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The world of personal finance is changing every day. Do middle-class families have any hope of weathering the storm to protect their savings from the shrinking power of the dollar? They do now. In qMoneywise: Your Guide to Keeping Ahead of Inflation, Taxes, and the Declining Dollar, q author Charles W. Kraut reveals principles of saving, investing, and avoiding financial doom that fly in the face of conventional Wall Street wisdom. Learn how to stop relying on the advice of people who are paid to represent others' interests, and get some of those same people to work for yours. Money, or its absence, governs every aspect of our lives, and wise stewards can accomplish more in life. Moneywise will help American families learn specific skills they can put into practice every day, give them a better perspective on the world of finance, and have new confidence their ability to improve their situation.Your Guide to Keeping Ahead of Inflation, Taxes, and the Declining Dollar Charles Kraut ... As a backup source of electricity, I usually put a propane-fired generator in the backyard, away from the living quarters and ... I prefer to buy new , pay off the loan as quickly as possible, and keep the car long after the payments end.

Author:Charles Kraut
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2009


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