MongoDB Applied Design Patterns

MongoDB Applied Design Patterns

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Whether you're building the newest and hottest social media web site or developing an internal-use-only enterprise business intelligence application, scaling your data model has never been more important. Traditional relational databases, while familiar, present significant challenges and complications when trying to scale up to such qbig dataq needs. Into this world steps MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database, to address these scaling challenges while also simplifying the process of development. However, in all the hype surrounding big data, many sites have launched their business on NoSQL databases without an understanding of the techniques necessary to effectively use the features of their chosen database. MongoDB Applied Design Patterns provides the much-needed connection between the features of MongoDB and the business problems that it is suited to solve. The book's focus on the practical aspects of the MongoDB implementation makes it an ideal purchase for developers charged with bringing MongoDB's scalability to bear on the particular problem you've been tasked to solve.In Python, we can pass a compiled regex from the re module to the find () operation directly: import re re_hacker ... fast, there is a type of regex search that makes good use of the indexes that MongoDB does support: the prefix regex. Explicitlyanbsp;...

Title:MongoDB Applied Design Patterns
Author:Rick Copeland
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2013-03-15


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