Mons 1914

Mons 1914

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When the First World War broke out in August 1914 the Imperial German Army mistakenly assumed that the BEF - 'that contemptible little army' - would be easily defeated. They were stopped in their tracks by the numerically inferior British force, whose excellent marksmanship cost the closed packed German ranks dear. Eventually forced to fall back by overwhelming German numbers, the British carried out a masterful fighting retreat across Belgium and northern France. At Mons, nine and a half British battalions held four German divisions at bay for an entire day. This book examines not just the battle of Mons itself but also the ensuing British retreat including the actions at Le Cateau and Villers-Cotter ts.When framing a set of miniatures rules, or modifying a commercially- available one, the Field Service Pocket Book 1914 is an invaluable aid, providing vital data on lengths of marching columns, the times required to prepare field defences etc.

Title:Mons 1914
Author:David Lomas
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-09-20


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