Monty Hall Problem and Other Puzzles

Monty Hall Problem and Other Puzzles

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Puzzlers will feel fit to be tied - Dog Tied: If Fido is tied to a 10-foot-long rope, and his bone is 15 feet away, how is it possible that he can reach and enjoy his bone without breaking or stretching the rope? (And yes - the rope IS tied to something.) There's fun in finding the answer to this and other cool number-based problems. Dust off your mathematics and get solving. The intriguing enigmas include questions on interstellar communications, ancient geometry (Pythagoras and Plato), and even traffic patterns in gridlock city. Or play the grasshopper jumping game. It's all fascinating.MONTY HALL PROBLEMS (pages 46-47) Martin Gardner has presented several versions of the aquot;game showaquot; ... SWITCHING WINS 2 IN 3 [ I door 2 1 door 3 1 door 4 1 door 5 1 door 6 1 door 7 1 door S I door 9 1 door 10 :^ n n u m. ry twjMaquot;.

Title:Monty Hall Problem and Other Puzzles
Author:Ivan Moscovich
Publisher:Robson Books Limited - 2005


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