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MORBID OBESITY: WILL YOU ALLOW IT TO KILL YOU? Following the style of his previous books, Sex and the Cardiac Patient and Answering Your Questions About Heart Disease and Sex, informative, educational, entertaining, and bold, Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff takes us this time into the complex world of the morbidly obese. This work describes how and why the cardiovascular and other systems become affected by excessive weights. His own simple, schematic illustrations will help you to understand how morbid obesity leads to heart attacks, heart failure, strokes, sleep apnea, and many other conditions, including sudden death. Major treatment decisions are facilitated by Dr. Chapunoffa€™s down-to-earth explanations. Also addressed here is the unfairness and ineffectiveness of some insurance corporations in covering the costs of weight-loss surgery. For many of those who read this book a€“patients as well as health care practitioners and undergraduatesa€“ the concepts and the understanding of what morbid obesity is all about will never be the same.Thirty percent of obese patients have eating disorders, and it is important for the health care practitioner to screen for them when ... Try this formula: Dona#39;t hate the problem. Instead, love the challenge! ... The best weight-loss programs achieve about 10 percent of body weight loss, but patients usually regain two-thirds of the anbsp;...

Author:Dr. Eduardo Chapunoff
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-03-05


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