More Brain-powered Science

More Brain-powered Science

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Author Thomas OOCOBrien uses 20 inquiry-oriented discrepant eventsOCohands-on explorations or demonstrations in which the outcomes are not what students expectOCoto challenge studentsOCO preconceived ideas and urge them to critically examine the empirical evidence, draw logical inferences, and skeptically review their initial explanations with their peers. ItOCOs the perfect dual-purpose activity book for science teachers who aim to motivate their students while expanding their own scientific understanding.qProblem solving in general chemistry. ... The author integrates quantitative problem solving and real-life applications of chemistry. ... This book contains 397 puzzles (with answers) on real-world (and often peculiar) applications of basic physics principles. ... See also by the same authors Mad About Modern Physics ( 2004).

Title:More Brain-powered Science
Author:Thomas O'Brien
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2011


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