Mother/Daughter Monologues Volume 2: Thirtysomethings

Mother/Daughter Monologues Volume 2: Thirtysomethings

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This is the second anthology in a four-volume set of dramatic monologues exploring the Mother/Daughter experience. Each volume reflects a different stage of a woman's life: qThirtysomethingsq explores both career and early motherhood through characters in their 30s. The anthology features the work of playwrights Barbara Lindsay, Barbara H. Macchia, Catherine Frid, Chris Lockheardt, Constance Koepfinger, Debbie L. Feldman, Elizabeth Whitney, Hope McIntyre, Jennie Webb, Joan Lipkin, Judith Pratt, Karen Jeynes, Katelyn Gendelev, Kathleen Warnock, Kiesa Kay, Kimberly del Busto, Koorosh Angali, Lisa Stephenson, Lylanne Musselman, Meryl Cohn, Rachel Barnett, Sera Weber-Striplin, Sybil R. Williams and Vicki Cheatwood. Foreword by Erica Glyn-Jones.... a seriously disturbed, seriously disconnected woman Karen is considering having a baby after getting out of jail for killing her first child. ... And then I marched myself right out the door and drove to the mall and watched two movies in a row.

Title:Mother/Daughter Monologues Volume 2: Thirtysomethings
Author:International Centre for Women Playwrights, Emily Cicchini, Erica Glyn-Jones - 2010-01-05


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