Movement Disorders 4

Movement Disorders 4

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Movement Disorders 4, the newest volume in the Blue Books in Neurology series provides you with rapid access to practical, clinical guidance on the diagnosis and pharmacologic treatment on the full range of movement disorders. Emphasizes the vast array of pharmacologic therapeutics, backed by clinical trials of the past 15 years to help you determine the best and most up-to-date drug therapy. Provides the latest on hot topics such as frontotemporal dementia and Tourettea€™s and related disorders, keeping you up to date on todaya€™s issues. Presents the surgical management of Parkinsona€™s Disease to help you determine when to recommend surgery and for which patients. Includes extensive comprehensive information on Parkinsona€™s so you can better diagnose and treat PD patients. Offers more clinical details on tremors, differentiating between PD and other movement disorders and the genetics of movement disorders so you can determine which movement disorder is present.... lesions suggesting multiple sclerosis DSM IV, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition. ... Disorder Test Result MSA-C MRI Atrophy of putamen or pons 18FDG PET Putaminal hypometabolism PET or SPECTanbsp;...

Title:Movement Disorders 4
Author:Anthony H. V. Schapira, Anthony E. T. Lang, Stanley Fahn
Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences - 2010-03-19


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