Moving Without Shaking: The guide to expat life success (from women to women)

Moving Without Shaking: The guide to expat life success (from women to women)

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Book Description This award-winning book is a definitive guide for women looking to build international careers and experience life abroad. In Moving Without Shaking, Yelena Parker answers many questions that new and experienced expats alike ask at different times of their journeys and offers practical, no-nonsense advice on how to thrive abroad. This book will help you navigate your life overseas, adjust to local cultures, set priorities from learning languages to working through new job markets, keep in touch with your friends and family and maintain a positive attitude. You can keep wondering what it is going to be like or learn from experiences of women who have taken the leap to study, work, or volunteer abroad, set your own goals, build a plan and try it out. Editorial Reviews: a€œParker Nails It: Move up by moving abroad.a€ a€œParkera€™s savvy guide on a€˜moving up by moving abroada€™ is packed with inspiring stories and tips. It reads as though a knowledgeable friend is digging deep to give you her very best advice and Parker doesna€™t disappoint. My favorite aspect of this useful book is the breadth of topics discussed a€” everything from relationships (and movinga€™s effect on them), to cultural adaptation, to getting up the gumption and grit to make a big leap abroad is addressed. I love Parkera€™s attention to challenging the status quo by having a healthy fear of settling. This book can help any person inhale a deep breath, feel assured, and take that exciting risk theya€™ve been wanting to pursue!a€ Selena Rezvani, Womena€™s Leadership Author, Speaker and Consultant, Author of a€œPushbacka€ a€œWoman to woman: advice on expat lifea€ a€œAn international business executive couldna€™t find any books tailored to globetrotters like her - so she wrote her owna€ Elizabeth Roberts, The Telegraph Expat a€œa€bAnd I of course love the idea of moving without shaking! Thata€™s what this toolbox is fora€ba€ H.E.Rybol, The Displaced Nation Columnist, Author of a€œCulture Shock: A Practical Guide and Culture Shock Toolboxa€It is one of the few cities in the world where expats can stay in their Englishspeaking bubble and not worry about learning the local ... In the spring of 2013, I flew to ... In all of those moves, she never needed to excel at a foreign language.

Title:Moving Without Shaking: The guide to expat life success (from women to women)
Author:Yelena Parker
Publisher:Moving Without Shaking Ltd - 2014-04-21


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