MS Paint Adventures - Problem Sleuth

MS Paint Adventures - Problem Sleuth

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Source: Wikia. Pages: 93. Chapters: Abscond, Abstracted Thought, Ace Dick, Ace Dick's Office, Adobe Treaty-Viewer, Afterlife, Aggress, Alcohol, Armistyx, Arms, Aspect Corset, Auto-Parry, Beasts, Belly of the Whale, Black Hole Mobster Kingpin, Blood Sugar, Bowen Stilson Dogg, Brass Tacks, Bratwurst, Brutesteak, Bully Truncheon, Business Card, Bust-Smuggling Ship, Bust Room, Busts-R-Us, Cake Frosting, Candy, Candy Corn, Candy Corn Vampire, Candy Mecha, Candy Telescope, Catenative Doomsday Dice Cascader, Cathedral of Syndetic Ascension, Check Yo'Self Jonah, Chicago Overcoat, Cinder Ablockalypse, Clock Tower of Cartesian Alignment, Clown Pontificate, Clown meat, Clowns, Clownstorm, Clubs Deuce, Code Machine, Coffee, Comb Rave, Completely Sane Man, Control Room, Correspondences between Problem Sleuth and Homestuck, Courtesan Angel, Cultural Rainbow, Dark Matter Mobster Kingpin, Death, Demimonde Goddess, Demonhead Mobster Kingpin, Deus Ex Sewing Machina, Diabetes, Diamonds Droog, Dollhouse, Dumbwaiter, Electricity, Elevator, Elf Eggs, Elf Exemplar, Elves, Emotions, Enchanted Palace, Escaping the Office, Ethnic Cheer, Etiquette Monstrance, Extortion, Extra-Dimensional Cosmic Superstring Strata, Fan, Fancy Santa, Female Alter Ego, Fiesta Ace Dick, Fiesta Mobster Kingpin, Fill 'Em With Daylight, Final Flip Out, Flip the Fuck Out, Floppy Shoes, Fluthlu, Fondly regard creation, Fork, Fort, Four Heroes, Fractal Prospectus, Future-Future Pickle Inspector, Future Pickle Inspector, Gambit Schema, GameFAQS, Game of Life, Garnghut Blistershod, Gentlemen, Godhead Pickle Inspector, Godhearst, Going beyond the gameplay, Gravity Brassier, Gummy Worm Zombie, Gutterpipe Projects, Hallway, Ham Needle, Hammerkind, Hamper Of The Jaded Fool's Ennui, Handgun bullets, Hangover, Harpoon Gun, Hatless Man, Health Aegis, Hearst, Hearts Boxcars, Height, Henry Clay, Higgs Bonehead, Hired Muscle, Hive Ragtime, Hog Provost, Hogs, Honeybee Professor, Horns, Hot Sauce, Hunk Rump, Hysteria, Hysterical...Source: Wikia.

Title:MS Paint Adventures - Problem Sleuth
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2011-10-28


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