Murder in Dealey Plaza

Murder in Dealey Plaza

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We now know vastly more about the killing of John F. Kennedy than was known 20 or 30 years ago, and new evidence is accumulating almost every day. This new evidence is being uncovered by the bold application of scientific and technological expertise to the assassination records, including the film, photographic, and autopsy records. Murder in Dealey Plaza presents the latest and best of the new assassination research. As a result of these freshly uncovered findings, it is possible to say with moral certainty and considerable scientific authority that the murder of President Kennedy was committed by a meticulously executed conspiracy which was then observed by an extensive cover-up.The telephone system in Washington, D.C. is interrupted and, in some areas, goes dead and remains out of service for ... RFK then goesback to the main house, walking aroundin a state of shock. ... Tom Dillard snaps twophotographs inthe rail yard next to the TSBD parking area which showa 1959 Rambler station wagon.

Title:Murder in Dealey Plaza
Author:James Fetzer
Publisher:Open Court - 2013-11-01


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