Muscle Strength

Muscle Strength

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Muscle strength is an important topic for ergonomics practitioners and physiologists to understand, especially as it relates to workplace injuries. Muscle strength and function is at the heart of many injuries that lead to reduced productivity and economic strain on the worker, the company, and society as a whole. This comprehensive source of information and data relating to muscle strength is the first to present such information in a single source. Muscle Strength explains the general determinants of muscle strength such as gender, age, and muscle type. It illustrates physical data in the context of theoretical background and examines the protocols, techniques, devices, and data used to record muscle strength in various parts of the body. This is followed by a discussion of overexertion, strength prediction, strength and endurance, torque and EMG relationship, and muscle fatigue. Finally, the material is applied to the use of muscle in jobs, to product design, and to studies of job accommodation and the effect of disability on strength. Professionals in ergonomics, biomechanics, sports science, and physiology will find that this unique text provides insight and data on an important subject in their field.21.14 Children with Disabilities Children with disabilities need means of independent, safe, and efficient mobility as early as possible, just like their ... Speed of ambulation may also be seriously limited in pathological gait, for reasons of impaired ... However, even manual wheelchair propulsion may require 16% more effort than ambulatory locomotion of unimpaired children ( Luna-Reyes et al., 1988).

Title:Muscle Strength
Author:Shrawan Kumar
Publisher:CRC Press - 2004-04-27


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