Muslim Philosophy

Muslim Philosophy

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Muslims Have Been Provided By Allah A Complete Code Of Conduct In The Form Of Holy Quran. In Quran There Are Two Types Of Verses I.E. Allegorial (Mutashabiat) And Categorical (Mukhamat). The Mutashabiat Verses Of Quran Are Mostly Pertaining To The Essence Of Allah And His Attributes, Predestination, Soul And Life Here After Death Etc. Etc. Since These Verses Are Outside The Purview Of Human Reasoning, Much Hair Splitting And Question Begging Has Not Been Encouraged In This Regard. Yet Many Of The Muslim Thinkers And Philosophers Have Ventured To Enter Into Detailed Discussions In These Matters.Allama Shibli Nomani, Al-Ghazzali, (Urdu) Nadvatul Musannafin, Azamgarh 1956 . Ahmad ... Walzar Richard, Greek into Arabic, (Essays of Islamic Theology) Bruno Cassierer, Oxford, 1962. Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal, The Re-construction of Religious Tought in Islam, New Taj office, Publishers and distributors, Delhi, 1960.

Title:Muslim Philosophy
Author:Hamid Naseem
Publisher:Sarup & Sons - 2001-01-01


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