My book of dreams

My book of dreams

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To believe, or not to believe, is that the question? Mark Stringer offers these poems and journal essays on behalf of the Great Mystery. This book of poems and art is more about asking better questions, rather than imposing opinions or presuming any final conclusions about the nature of reality. Creative wisdom has no gender, no religion or sect ... or a name given to an imaginary entity like a pet for human beings to play with, to confine, or to abuse for that matter. Fighting wars over differences of opinion about the nature of reality is the ultimate evil, and pure human folly. The author feels that inherently, there is no contradiction between so-called qcreationismq and evolutionary theory. Scientific observation and the ability to explore the macro/micro cosmos is a natural condition and a result of an awesome intelligent intentional consciousness ... that which without beginning preceeded the qbig bang, q and that which expands with designs of unlimited variations of light and dark energy. By way of both scientific and spiritual consensus, the universe we are able to observe is expanding at an ever accelerating rate from a common source of origin. This book of poetry and art is a prayer for the wisdom to care for this planet with courage and compassion, and to share its life giving resources equitably. The author observes that Love is not the easy way out, it is simply the only way to go. The author also warns that belief systems which do not consciously honor, observe, understand, and mimic natural life systems ... are destined to fail. Forever.Poems and short essays contemplating the Mystery Mark Barton Stringer. Journal Entry: If I Ran the Zoo, Too, (What Would I D0?) or The Secret Lifeof Mark Stringer One of my favorite books as a child was a€œIf I Ran the Zoo, a€ by Dr. Seuss.

Title:My book of dreams
Author:Mark Barton Stringer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-10-15


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