My Fashionista Daily Journal

My Fashionista Daily Journal

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This inspired my fashionista daily journal - planner 2013 makes managing your appointments and activities an easy catwalk! It is more than a planner, itAas a fashionable daily journal with an inspirational twist! With a pleasant size of 6 x 9 inches (15x23cm) and 762 pages in total, the fashionista daily journal includes: . A first two-page spread displaying your profile page with spaces to insert all your personal details and blog addresses, and an entire page to set your 2013 goals; . 12-month planner (January 2013-December 2013); . At the beginning of each month is set a two-spread page displaying all the days of the month in defined spaces to easily master plan your month in advance and appoint all important dates, including the Fashion Weeks; . Each day of the month has a two-spread page displaying an authentic and creative way to take note of all important tasks and states of mind, body a fashion. The daily pages includes the following sections: How many glasses of water consumed (has 8 round circles to do check) My mood (do a circle around the smiley, passive or sad face) Weather (do a circle around the sun, rain or snow flake) My Outfit (be creative and sketch your outfit of the day, and accessorize it) Vegetables and fruits (has 5 round circles to do check) Exercise (did you exercise today? yoga, 30min run, Pilates? write it down here) Todays goals (set your 3 most important goals of the day) Schedule (from 8 am to 8 pm, schedule your activities and appointments) My day was (in a scale from 1 to 10, tell us how was your day) A good thing today (even if your day was measured at 1, there at least must happened one good thing to make you smile) Brainstorm ideas, photos, and sketches, Post it here! (with the exact size of a post it, you can post here all the ideas, photos, to do and shopping lists for the day) Wish list (a new dress, those Jimmy Choo shoes, a new charm for your bracelet, a nail polisher? you just wish to have) Best purchases of the day! This month events (to keep reminding of your not to miss event of the month) Small calendar of the month to keep track of the days and weeks An inspirational column with ideas of Things to do in Life! . 12-month planner (January 2014-December 2014); . Resolutions page. To write down your goals for the next year of 2014. Hope you enjoy this inspirational daily journal, that lets you be creative and fill all the blank spaces with pieces of your full and busy life!This inspired my fashionista daily journal - planner 2013 makes managing your appointments and activities an easy catwalk!

Title:My Fashionista Daily Journal
Author:BikiBiki Shop
Publisher: - 2012-10-01


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