My Phantom Lover

My Phantom Lover

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Lizzie was born into a rough life, and everyone thinks she will forever be a prisoner of her own lack of opportunities. Fighting for every small advantage wears on her young soul, leaving her filled with doubt, insecurity, and a complete lack of self-respect. But despite the many challenges she faces, Lizzie never loses sight of a better life. She puts her nose to the grindstone, and she works her way through college as a model. Inspired by his sistera€™s success, her brother works hard to catch the eye of college football scouts, and he too finds a future with his abilities. But despite the seemingly glamorous life she now leads, Lizzie feels an emptiness within her heart. Shea€™s let the love of her life slip through her fingers, and now she is once again struggling to keep her eye on the prize despite the pain in her heart. A tragic death darkens the lives of everyone she knows, and things are only going to get worse. When tragedy rips her world apart, Lizzie fights for what she knows and loves.You are going to be parents Elizabeth you are pregnant, and you need some prenatal vitamins. What Tom that cannot be ... I am sorry Elizabeth we did not think you could get pregnant after the beating you took. I hope this news makes youanbsp;...

Title:My Phantom Lover
Author:Carol J. Aken
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-06-14


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