My Seven Dinner Guests

My Seven Dinner Guests

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If you could host a special dinner and invite the seven people who have most influenced your life, who would you choose? In this book, Bob Martin has picked the seven dinner guests who guided him through a process of death and rebirth - literally. At age 75, Martin died of a heart attack and was brought back to life. The experience had a profound effect on him, inspiring him to share his story of renewal and faith. Through poignant anecdotes and touching tales of love, success, and joy, readers will learn that love truly equals wealth and that sharing your life with others is the greatest gift you can give. Bob Martin was born in 1929 in the midst of the Great Depression. After retiring from his job as a college teacher, he worked with intellectually handicapped adults. He has been writing for more than 20 years and finds inspiration in his life experiences. In his first book, The Specialist Chick Sexer, Martin shares his experiences working on a poultry farm as a young adult. The book has sold in 44 countries. He now lives in Australia with his wife Marlene, his son Matthew and his son's fiance Carmelina.The second time I particularly remembered, because of the lady teachera#39;s amazement. It was after my farewell speech at Keilor Downs. She came to me to say how astonished she was, that I had such deep feeling and words. She expressedanbsp;...

Title:My Seven Dinner Guests
Author:Robert Dickson Martin
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2010-01


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