My Summer with George

My Summer with George

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An unapologetically romantic novel about a woman who finds love in middle age After four marriages and numerous affairs, famed author Hermione Beldame doesna€™t expect real life to play out like her bestselling romance novels. So shea€™s stunned when she meets George Johnson at a party and the Louisville journalist sweeps her off her feet. The handsome, seductive younger man is the epitome of southern charm. Suddenly, Hermione, who never believed in happily-ever-after, is passionately, obsessively in love. During this game-changing summer, as she shuttles between Manhattan and the Hamptons, Hermionea€”born Elsa Schutza€”looks back on her life and the choices that brought her to this crossroad. Consumed by an erotic longing shea€™s never felt before, she sets out on a quest to understand her past, her present, and her future, set in motion by this maddening, elusive, ultimately unknowable man.I felt as if my head were encased in plastic, or a bag of flour, or a cloud, while the rest of my body went through normal motions. ... I worried about having an automobile accident, and the next week, I did hit a car stopped ahead of me, banging my front bumper. ... damage to her car (still, it cost me over a thousand dollars to fix my headlighta€” Porsches are expensive to repair). ... Although I was only going ten miles an hour, and only scratched my bumper, there was a dent in his bumper.

Title:My Summer with George
Author:Marilyn French
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2013-09-24


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