My Yajna

My Yajna

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When Bhagirathananda began his search for truth many years ago, he knew he was a€˜thirstya€™ but did not know why. He only knew, instinctively, that his quest would lead him to Aananda a€“ bliss. This faith led him to enquiry; within and without. Enquiry prompted him to examine himself and his universe afresh. It led him to the magic world of science and the infinite world of scriptures a€“ Shruti and Smriti - the Vedas, Upanishads, Vedanta, Buddhist Cannon, the Bible, the Qura€™an. It led him to travel, in the mountains and by the seas. It led him to good and wise men and women. It led him to wonder, contemplation and total and unconditional prayer. This book is compiled from notes he made along the way; it is the story of his grand quest and offers insight to all who are keenly interested in the nature of reality.Recollections, Notes and Essays Bhagirathananda Bhagirathananda ... Christian Brother complacency and my adolescent, somewhat traumatic transplantation in a Mission boarding school ... What little I know of Sanskrit is because I had the most marvelous grounding from my Hindi teacher who inevitably took us back to anbsp;...

Title:My Yajna
Author:Bhagirathananda Bhagirathananda
Publisher:Vij Books India Pvt Ltd - 2014-05-20


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