Myth Behind Foreclosure, Wall Street, Big Banks and You!

Myth Behind Foreclosure, Wall Street, Big Banks and You!

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a ;a ;This book was written to enlighten the masses about things that are not being advertised or disclosed to the people, by the qpowersq who we expect it to come from. qMyth Behind Foreclosureq will take the cover off your old ideas about the qsystemq and how it is ran as it relates to the foreclosure epidemic, Wall Street, Big Banks and You! The author will give you information and tools to assist in dealing with foreclosures; before, during and after the foreclosure process. The author even gives you information on how to recover your property after it has been unlawfully taken. You get 2 Books in 1, authors Auto-biography and qMyth Behind Foreclosureq. The author felt it necessary to let the audience know her background and get to learn how and why she is considered an expert in her field. The author is a licensed real estate broker; who tells a compelling story of how she came up in the qreal estate gameq and now, how she helps people to get out of the foreclosure crisis. There are recent orders and judgments against big banks, all included in the Myth behind foreclosure.I used these things to show credit lines on my report because the only good thing I had on it was my Ford pick-up truck that I paid off. Everything ... I had my own brokera#39;s office where I did investments and personal projects for several years.

Title:Myth Behind Foreclosure, Wall Street, Big Banks and You!
Author:Urika Ramseur
Publisher:Goddess Media - 2011-09-01


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