Myth & Magic

Myth & Magic

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Magic and mayhem lie just beyond the thin veil separating this world from a fantasy realm where anything is possible. For these three spirited heroines, all it takes is a dash of danger, a pinch of the eccentric, and a good stir from an irresistible male to develop a taste for the unknown. A Certain Kind of Magic: When NYPD police detective Morgan Reilly discovers the lamp and frees the djinn, she thinks she's hallucinating the merman he conjures, thanks to her recent head injury. Exiled years ago, Mere needs her help to rescue a stolen dragon's hoard, but first he'll have to convince the gorgeous Morgan that he's very real. Children of the Wolves: Seven years after a global disaster, Jelena still has no memories of her past, unlike other survivors. To her protector Michael's consternation, she continues to oppose their tribe, challenging the Elders' rules and even befriending wolves that terrify the others. Can Jelena learn to trust - and love - again? Lessons in Magic: Recently unemployed and rudderless, Phoebe agrees to get her late aunt Edna's house ready to put on the market. While cleaning up cobwebs, she unexpectedly discovers her latent family talent for summoning demons. Noah Rossi, wizard in training, comes to the rescue, but can he save her from accidentally destroying the universe? Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doorsa€œTherea#39;s the ownera#39;s manual, a€ Noah said doubtfully. She popped open the glove compartment and seized the manual, a paperback that had formerly been emblazoned with the words Jaguar XK Ownera#39;s Manual above a picture of a Jaguar.

Title:Myth & Magic
Author:Jessica Starre
Publisher:Crimson Romance - 2015-10-19


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