Naked Prey

Naked Prey

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In Naked Prey, John Sandford puts Lucas Davenport through some changes. His old boss, Rose Marie Roux, has moved up to the state level and taken Lucas with her, creating a special troubleshooter job for him for the cases that are too complicated or politically touchy for others to handle. In addition, Lucas is now married and a new father, both of which are fine with him: he doesn't mind being a family man. But he is a little worried. For every bit of peace you get, you have to paya€”and he's waiting for the bill. It comes in the form of two people found hanging from a tree in the woods of northern Minnesota. What makes it particularly sensitive is that the bodies are of a black man and a white woman, and they're naked. qLynchingq is the word that everybody's trying not to saya€”but, as Lucas begins to discover, in fact the murders are not what they appear to be, and they are not the end of the story. There is worse to comea€”much, much worse. Filled with the rich characterization and exceptional drama that are his hallmarks, this is Sandford's most suspenseful novel yet.They went into the autobody building, which consisted of a small office and a series of repair bays at the back; a woman in the ... A row of red toolboxes sat at the back, and an electric heater was mounted high on one wall and glowed down over a burgundy Peterbilt. ... An old Army buddy downin if I could gethima drivera#39;s job. just outof the truth, Ia#39;m not sure he was that much KC asked me I knew he was anbsp;...

Title:Naked Prey
Author:John Sandford
Publisher:Penguin - 2004-05-04


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